Strategic Maritime issues

with : Amiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of the Naval Staff from 2011 to 2016, Chief of Staff of the Président de la République from 2016 to 2020, Jean-Dominique Giuliani, President of the Fondation Robert Schuman and co-founder of the Fondation de la mer

location : Amphithéâtre Rouvillois

Val de Grâce
1, place Alphonse Laveran 75005 Paris

Métro : RER B Port Royal
Bus 83, 91 Port-Royal-Saint Jacques

The model, which structured international relations and security issues at the end of the cold war, has come to an end. The redistribution of power at world level, the consequences of globalisation and the race for technological dominance are all disruptions that are shaping the new strategic landscape. The control of resources and flows is the ferment of the new strategies of powers. In this context, maritime spaces are once again becoming a fundamental issue not only because maritime flows are the vital arteries of our globalized economies, but also because the search for new resources and strategic points of support leads in all the oceans to an unprecedented interest of states for the sea. It is no longer just a place of obligatory passage: it is also becoming an area of new borders.
Taking these new trends into account is essential. For Europe, and especially the European Union, it will be the measure of its efforts towards a greater presence on the international stage and a more active common foreign policy.